B.E. Nilsen Engineering AS

When Quality Matters

Experienced Software Engineer with passion for Embedded Systems and IoT.

B.E. Nilsen Engineering AS was founded in 2015 by Bjørn Erik Nilsen, who has more than 10 years experience with Software Engineering.

benilsen Bjørn Erik Nilsen

Bjørn Erik Nilsen has industry experience as an Embedded Software Engineer and has been working with leading companies to help them develop innovative products. These days his main focus is around the Internet of Things (IoT) and customized GPS tracking solutions. He is a certified Qt Specialist and Qt Project Approver and provide Services worldwide from his office in Oslo, Norway.

For additional background on Bjørn Erik Nilsen, please see his LinkedIn profile.

What people say about Bjørn Erik Nilsen:

He is passionate and thorough, and manages to combine high level design and architecture with a particularly keen eye for optimizations and refactoring...
— LinkedIn
He is an excellent C++ programmer and there are no coding challenges he cannot master...
— LinkedIn
He is a solid developer with a bright mind. I admire his skill to nail down the most complex problems piece by piece and incrementally deliver excellent code at a steady pace...
— LinkedIn
Bjørn Erik is a passionate and skilled developer, he likes good and well written code...
— LinkedIn